On Websites: A Simplistic Philosophy

My goal with GNDesign is to bring easy, customizable and responsive templates to your business without the dramatic overhead costs and bank-breaking price tags.


People I speak with have often stressed the importance of a custom website, one done by a high-end firm, requiring their continued maintenance (and your money) in order to keep it up and running.


While that website might afford you some advantages, like increased customization and beautiful art, in my experience there is no reason you need to have a degree in HTML, CSS and Javascript in order to expose customers to your business.


You've worked hard on getting your idea off the ground and I'd like to help you take it to market.


On Design: A Minimalist Approach

I am a fan of all things minimalist. I believe in cutting down flowery text and getting to the heart of your message. I also believe in clean and responsive design. Whether you need a website, mobile application or an advertisement, I want to help you create the simplest and most direct form of that message.

On Self-sustainability: Managing Yourself

A large part of the success of my clients is their ability to maintain their own sites. I don't believe in reliance on a costly outside "expert" to keep your site running smoothly, and I train my clients with that thought in mind.

As a part of each website package, I include on-site training and follow up review sessions to ensure you're comfortable keeping your site functional and beautiful.

With that being said, I do provide reasonable, cost-effective, monthly upkeep packages as some clients would rather focus on their business and not their websites.

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